Temple is now open for devotees between 8 AM to 7:30 PM Everyday. On tuesday and saturday it is up to 10:30 PM

Daily activities

The timings of temple for the devotees

The Camp Hanuman temple remains open for worshippers:

Tuesday & Saturday: morning 5.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. night.

All the other days: morning 6:00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. night.

Timings for offering prayer with sacred lamp (Aarati)

Offerings with sacred lamp at Camp Hanuman temple is an auspicious occasion. Its morning and evening offering prayer with sacred lamp timings are

Sunday to Friday: Morning 6.30 and Evening 6.30
Saturday: Morning 5.30 and Evening 5.30

The above timings are subject to change on the day of eclipse.

The process of offering prayer with sacred lamp

The preparation starts just a little time before the schedule timings for offering prayer with sacred lamp.

First of all male worshipper arranges bath for Shri Hanuman and all other God with water from Ganges. After this holy bath each and every god is worshipped with Saffron and Sandal wood. Then sent is sprayed in the ‘Garbhgruha’ (the place where divine idols of lord are kept). Then preparation for offering prayer with sacred lamp starts. Like Lamps and incense sticks are ignited. The lord’s idol is decorated with flowers and all the musical instruments and soap stone are used. The prayer for Hanuman is sung with a musical playing of all the musical instruments. During that period Hanuman’s favourite Ram-Stuti is sung. All the devotees in the temple take part in that whole heartedly. On Saturday special decoration is made for Hanuman.

After morning's prayer offering with sacred lamp, Hanuman is offered with dry fruits and complete eatables. In the evening's prayer offering with sacred lamp Lord is offered with dry fruits together with milk.

Since 1953 police band plays its music at the time of offering prayer with sacred lamp in the evening for all the devotees. The entire atmosphere turns religious and delighted. During day time devotees offer fruits, coconut, edible oil, vermilion (sindoor), Udad (a kind of pulse), clove etc. to Shri Hanuman. The devotees are given coconut, peanuts, sugar cubes, sweet (magaj and boondi) etc. as 'Prasad' from temple authority.

Black thread is given to devotees for saving them from evil eyes and protecting their happiness. Auspicious round mark is made on the forehead of devotees. The fragrant fluid together with flowers is distributed among devotees as 'Naman'.   

Other activities

Over and above this in the temple area on Tuesday evening 'Sundarkand' is read loudly. On certain special occasions 'Ramayan' reading is also made loudly.

The body (Aangi) offered to Lord Hanuman

A day before full moon day, each month Hanuman is covered with golden and silver foil.


In this process first of all edible oil and vermilion is applied to Hanuman then silver foil is applied and finally golden foil is applied. Then routine decoration is made. Then after, prayer is offered to Lord Hanuman with sacred lamp.